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International Expatriate Services

Award-winning expatriate tax advice for both employers and executives

Our international advisers offer award winning, globally coordinated tax services in your home and assignment locations, including:

Our international team provides a world-class, tailored and partner-led expatriate tax service.


15 December 2022

Participation in a UK pension scheme whilst working outside the UK

Key points to consider when an individual is working outside the UK and participates in a UK based pension scheme.

21 October 2022

UK considerations for non-UK pension schemes

Matt Snowdon and Peter Ferrigno discuss the tax treatment and implications of participation in non-UK pension schemes.

11 January 2022

The impact of globally remote work on the taxation of UK pensions

In this article we look at the impact of globally remote work on the taxation of UK pensions, and specifically auto-enrolment.

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