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UK Payroll Services

Personalised, relationship-led payroll services to reduce the administrative burden on your business

Understanding your payroll needs

In recent years payroll legislation has changed regularly, increasing the compliance burden on your business.

Payments now need to be made through payroll for people who would previously have been considered contractors, you have to take into account the payroll and compliance implications of payments or expense reimbursements and benefits to employees, and real time information (RTI) reporting to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has been introduced, together with the requirement for employers to provide workplace pensions.

We understand the pressure this places on resource within your business, which is why we offer personalised, relationship-led payroll services to manage your UK payroll responsibilities so that you can focus on more strategic matters.

Our people, your partners

Our personally delivered payroll solution will give you the peace of mind that you will be compliant with statutory requirements, without dealing with call centres or centralised emails addresses.

We give you a dedicated account manager and access to senior advisers who will oversee your service.

That way, there will always be someone available who understands your businesses circumstances and has worked with you before.

This means that the point of contact in your business doesn’t need to be a payroll or HR professional.  They simply need to be able to provide information on payroll changes and have the time to speak to us if they have any queries.

Technology leveraged services

We use bespoke payroll software to run your payroll and up to date technology to make sure that we give you choices about the way that we interact, whilst ensuring all communication with you is confidential.

Effective reporting

We provide a secure file sharing solution so that payroll inputs and outputs can be shared without using email.

We provide payslips and access to historical reports through an online platform.

We also use robotic process automation during the standard elements of the payroll process to reduce the need for manual intervention and the margins for human error.

BACS Payment facility

We can offer a BACS Bureau payment facility which enables us to make payments directly to your staff via a link from your bank account to our Bureau. This is an automated process which avoids the need for you to make payments directly.

How we can help

Our payroll outsourcing service comprises:

  • Administration of childcare vouchers and similar benefits
  • Advice on any payroll queries arising
  • Advice with regards to redundancy, PILONs and salary sacrifice schemes
  • Auto-enrolment pensions compliance
  • BACS bureau facility
  • Complying with maternity and sickness regulations
  • Customised reporting, including departmental analysis
  • End of year returns
  • Maintenance of payroll records
  • Managing bonus, commission and overtime payments
  • Managing pension and court order deductions
  • Managing tax and social security payments to the tax authorities where required
  • Monthly payroll processing and RTI reporting to HMRC
  • Online access to payroll records
  • PAYE registration
  • Payrolling benefits in kind
  • Periodic security sealed payslips or electronic payslips
  • Reporting to the tax authorities

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