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Company Secretarial Services

A pragmatic and efficient approach to company secretarial services

Understanding your Company Secretarial needs

Keeping your UK company in good standing with the Registrar of Companies and ensuring that it meets the requirements under the Companies Act and its own articles of association, can be a demanding task for its officers that could divert their attention from other more pressing matters. Incorrect disclosures are not always easy to fix, and non-compliance may lead to an action by the Registrar.

How we can help?

Our company secretarial specialists are experienced in providing advice and support for a multitude of events in the life of a company, leaving the company’s officers free to focus on the running of the business.

Whether you are looking to set up a UK company, Limited Liability Partnership, registering a UK establishment of an overseas company, or need assistance with the execution of the group restructuring plan, our team of specialists can help.

Our offering

We offer a wide range of services, such as the formation of the company tailored to your exact requirements, appointments and resignations of the company’s officers, changes of the accounting reference dateincreasing the share capital, and all types of capital reorganisation during the life of the company. We can also advise on the options available to close the company when it is no longer required.

If you wish to discuss any of our services and how we can help, please get in touch in the first instance with Head of Company Secretarial, Vesna Sowden, via the details opposite.

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Jez Filley
Jez Filley
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