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Transfer Pricing

Working with you to understand your global business supply chain and ensure your transfer pricing is both easy to manage and compliant

Transfer pricing regulations

Companies may unwittingly fall foul of transfer pricing rules or even be unaware of their obligations to comply.

Larger groups often have transfer pricing policies that are no longer fit for purpose either due to changes in functional profile or because of changing legislation or tax authority approach.

Understanding your transfer pricing needs

As tax authorities across the world increase their focus on transfer pricing and exchange more information with other jurisdictions, international businesses need to ensure they have robust transfer pricing methodologies and documentation.

Unilateral initiatives such as the Diverted Profit Tax, coupled with the work of the OECD demonstrate that non-compliance with transfer pricing rules is simply not an option.

We will work with you to understand your global business supply chain and ensure your transfer pricing is easy to manage and compliant, allowing you to focus on your business operations and expansion overseas without unwittingly falling foul of transfer pricing regulations.

Our people, your partners

Our team of advisers will provide pragmatic advice which will help determine whether global transfer pricing rules apply to your business in the jurisdictions where you operate.

We will help you understand what this means in practice, whilst providing practical solutions for your transfer pricing requirements.

Areas where transfer pricing needs to be considered include:

  • Services and goods sold between related parties
  • Royalties, licences and other payments to use intangible property
  • Management charges and shared services
  • Provision of finance and other financial transactions

How we can help

Having understood your global business and design, we will help you to implement practical transfer pricing policies.

We will provide your first line of defence – a transfer pricing report – which will demonstrate due care and attention has been paid to meet compliance requirements when designing, implementing and recording your transfer pricing policies.

Our services include:

  • Transfer pricing policy design and implementation
  • First line of defence report, including comparative studies
  • Review of historical transfer pricing strategy to ensure compliance with current business operations
  • Dispute resolution
  • Documentation including master and local files

How we have helped others:

  • Provision of first line of defence documentation for multinationals across various sectors including media, technology, hospitality, financial services and professional services.
  • Transfer pricing remedial work to review and amend existing arrangements, correcting arm’s length pricing, and documenting and pricing intercompany services previously missed.
  • Enquiry defence – including transfer pricing specific enquires and the new Profit Diversion Compliance Facility.

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