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Investing in the UK from the Nordics

We have been supporting businesses, individuals and families from the Nordics with their expansion into the UK and beyond for over 40 years

Understanding your needs

The UK has a proud history of supporting businesses when expanding internationally, often driven by it’s diverse talent pool, culture, and relative ease of doing business, and the UK Government has a strong desire to uphold this rich history. Despite recent unprecedented events, the UK continues to break records for attracting foreign direct investment.

Our dedicated International Outsourcing team understand that organisations need everyday help with running a business alongside long-term strategic support. We also understand that every organisation has different quirks, challenges, priorities, and goals.

Our people, your partners

At every stage of your international growth, our team provide pragmatic practical advice and support, acting as an extension of your business. Our advice is partner-led and flexible, tailored for your specific needs – whether you are taking your first steps into the UK or need assistance with a larger scale multi-territory expansion.

You will receive a boutique-level, personal service through a dedicated relationship manager who will act as a single point of contact for any queries you might have across all service lines involved in your particular project.

Whether you’re just starting out on your international expansion journey or entering a new accelerated phase of expansion, our specialists are ready to support your continued success. We are seen by many of our clients as their trusted business advisor, guiding and advising them throughout the duration of their business life to help achieve their strategic aims.

International expansion journey

Keeping your international expansion journey on track can feel daunting, but we are here to help you at every stop along the way.

Our new online guide takes you through the key stops on the journey, whether that is expanding into or out of the UK, and highlights the key considerations and actions required at each stop.

International Expansion Journey

How we can help

International expansion is an exciting time for any entrepreneurial business. Some of the common questions businesses often ask when trying to understand the best way to structure their expansion include:

  • Why don’t we send one of our own people/an assignee?
  • Should we set up an entity, in either the short or long-term?
  • What registrations need to be applied for?
  • What benefits will HR need to put in place?
  • How will our employees get paid and see their pay cheques?
  • How quickly can I get all this set-up?

We integrate expertise in international tax, audit, accounting, payroll and expatriate taxes to support you through this increasingly complex global environment. We provide support on issues including UK employer compliance, the posting of staff to the UK, help with more technical issues such as VAT related to the sale of goods or services, and managing all the compliance tasks when establishing a local presence in the UK.

Our advice spans the following areas:

This is a new and uncertain time, and you want to get it right. Decisions need to be made quickly with the right resources, processes, and provisions in place to deal with the most critical needs immediately. You must consider all available employment and compliance considerations, as well as options which involve key stakeholders across finance, legal and tax in determining the correct steps and best approach.

Our secure cloud portal provides access to your accounting records, allowing you to access financial information securely 24/7. Our systems and processes are also SOC 1 accredited, and we continue to review these processes, so they remain strong while allowing us to work efficiently.

Globally connected

Through our association with Allinial Global, a network of over 260 leading accounting and business advisory firms based in 100+ countries, we also provide truly international advice ensuring that wherever you are, we can be on your doorstep to help you expand into many other markets.

We wish you every success on your journey towards global expansion – whether in the UK or beyond, and are here to help you achieve your strategic aims.

If you have a question about your global expansion requirements, get in touch now to speak with an adviser.

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Your guide to establishing a business in the UK

The UK continues to break records for attracting foreign direct investment and remains a key jurisdiction for groups expanding internationally. We have developed this guide to provide practical information on the UK tax and accounting implications of setting up and running a UK business.

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