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Helping to keep existing connections and make new ones, becoming a part of the wider Blick Rothenberg community.

Blick Rothenberg's Alumni Network

The Blick Rothenberg Alumni Network allows you to connect and keep in touch with former colleagues whilst keeping up to date with all the latest developments at the firm you once called home.

From staff updates to the latest on all the firm’s activities, from CSR and recruitment to major investments in the future of the business, you will be able to keep abreast of all the latest news, whilst connecting and collaborating with your Blick Rothenberg network.

Join our Alumni

Our people are what make our firm and we are committed to in investing in our teams, so that they enjoy a long and successful career with us.

When that time comes to an end and you choose another path, we watch on with pride as your careers continue to flourish beyond our doors.

But our relationship together does not have to end there.

When your time with us comes to an end, we watch on with pride as your careers continue to flourish beyond our doors – but our relationship doesn’t have to end there.

Attracting talent

If you happen across a role or position you know to be of interest to someone who you feel would fit well with our values and ethos, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We remain a sector which suffers from a shortage of high-quality, skilled individuals and we set the bar high, but we would be more than happy to reward those who help us recruit the best talent to help take our business forward.

Email for further information.

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International Business Manager

Mary Shepherd