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Our Culture

Blick Rothenberg is committed to creating a workplace founded on inclusion, which unlocks the talent within our workforce

We value each unique perspective that individuals in our team bring and this is reflected in our ability to attract people from a range of dynamic backgrounds, helping us to deliver excellence of service the world over

What makes us different

One of the true differentiators of Blick Rothenberg from our competitors has always been our culture and work ethos – both in terms of how we operate as a firm and how we interact with our clients.

We have a nurturing culture which cares for its people, and we create a working environment in which our team can develop and flourish.

This nurturing ethos, together with a commitment to transparency and a common purpose, is also reflected in the way that we work with clients.

We know that great relationships yield the best outcomes. That is why we take time to understand our clients’ needs and invest in our working relationships together, so that we can deliver a solution-oriented approach.

To preserve this winning formula and pass it on to new joiners to the firm, we have articulated the cultural values that we live and breathe each day.

Working together

Uniquely diverse – inclusion and diversity are strategic priorities for Blick Rothenberg

Blick Rothenberg embraces diversity as a strategic imperative. Our firm’s commitment to inclusion and diversity stems from our European heritage, which has shaped our rich and dynamic team. We are dedicated to cultivating a workplace environment rooted in inclusivity, unlocking the full potential of our talented workforce.

Our vision is to enhance diversity across all levels within our organization by fostering a culture of genuine inclusiveness. We strive to create an environment where every individual can thrive, fulfill their potential, and feel a sense of belonging. Additionally, we aim to reflect the vibrant communities we serve.

At Blick Rothenberg, our employee resource groups play a pivotal role in promoting a more inclusive culture. Through these groups, we facilitate open dialogues, foster understanding, and celebrate the diverse perspectives that enrich our firm.

Welcome Day 2022

Our employee resource groups

Blick Rothenberg’s inclusive disability group for employees

The aim of the BRidge (Blick Rothenberg’s Inclusive Disability Group for Employees) network will be to increase awareness and foster wider understanding of the issues affecting those with visible and non-visible disabilities, medical and mental health conditions.

The network intends to positively impact the life experiences of people with disabilities by influencing Blick Rothenberg’s approach to attraction, recruitment and retention. The network is open to all, whether you have a disability, care for someone with a disability or if you simply want to be an ally or learn more.

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Our networks achievements include

The Shadow Board

Our Shadow Board is made up of our colleagues from across the Manager, Senior Manager and Director population at Blick Rothenberg, who apply and are selected for their life experience, expertise and diversity of perspectives.

The responsibilities of the Shadow Board are:

  • To provide a sounding board for Blick Rothenberg’s Leadership Team on strategic issues, and to challenge and support the development of the firm’s strategy
  • To provide perspectives on the firm’s impact on key stakeholders, including our people, clients, and the communities in which we operate
  • To bring to the attention of the Leadership Team any emerging trends, risks or opportunities that could impact the firm; and
  • To provide constructive feedback on the firm’s approach to corporate responsibility, diversity and sustainability


The Alumni Network

Our people are what make our firm and we are committed to in investing in our teams, so that they enjoy a long and successful career with us.

When your time with us comes to an end, we watch on with pride as your careers continue to flourish beyond our doors – but our relationship doesn’t have to end there.

The Blick Rothenberg Alumni Network  provides a seamless connection with former colleagues. Members of the network have access to all the latest updates on the firm they once called home. We keep our former colleagues updated about everything that is happening at Blick Rothenberg and special Alumni events.

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