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BRave Business: Bitesized

Shorter than our main podcast series BRave Business: Bitesized focusses on single, timely topics

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Our BRave Business:Bitesized episodes are shorter than our main podcast series and focus on single, timely topics

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BRave Business: Bitesized is available to stream on all major podcast platforms as well as being available on our website.

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BRave Business: bitesized is also available on our YouTube channel.

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BRave Business – Episodes

What impact will the Political Party Manifestos have on UK Taxes?

With a UK general election expected in 2024, Corporate Tax Partner Heather Self and Private Client Partner Neil Lancaster share their insights in this bitesize episode of our BRave Business series.

What did the 2023 Spring Budget Statement mean for businesses?

Neil Lancaster and Heather Self look at what the Chancellor’s Spring budget means for individuals and businesses.

What did the Autumn Budget (2022) mean for businesses?

We look at what the impact of the Autumn 2022 Budget Statement might be for owner managed businesses and who the winners and losers were from the Chancellor’s Statement. We also consider what the forecast recession might mean for businesses and what the Government may be planning next for their Summer Statement.

Joining the debate are Blick Rothenberg’s CEO Nimesh Shah and Corporate Tax Partner Heather Self. Our guest is financial journalist Simon Gompertz.

How brave was the Autumn (2021) Budget?

Recorded the morning after the Government’s Autumn Budget 2021 announcement, CEO Nimesh Shah, Corporate Tax Partner Rob Goodley, and Audit, Assurance & Advisory Director Simon Rothenberg discuss the Chancellor’s latest decisions and how these will affect everyone from individuals to owner managed businesses and corporates.

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