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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Cutting through complex issues to provide pragmatic, commercial and tax efficient solutions for your M&A needs.

Understanding your M&A needs

The UK continues to provide an exciting platform for entrepreneurs and fast-growing businesses, meaning M&A activity remains buoyant with investors from the UK and overseas.

Tax continues to play a key role in any transaction, with an ultimate impact on net returns for the vendor and exposures for the purchaser.

The variance in tax efficiency between a transaction where tax advice has been prioritised and one where it hasn’t remains stark.

Whether you’re an investor, a business expanding through strategic acquisitions or a vendor looking to exit, understanding the tax implications, risks and planning opportunities of any M&A transaction is critical.

Our people, your partners

The key to providing tax advice on any M&A process is the ability to cut through complex issues accurately but quickly, delivering concise messages, recommendations or choices in a highly commercial manner.

Blick Rothenberg does just that, providing tax advice on all types of M&A transactions, including corporate acquisitions, private equity and venture capital buy-outs, reorganisations and demergers. 

We provide advice to purchasers from the UK and overseas, covering due diligence and structuring, as well as advising and assisting corporate and individual vendors with the sale process and optimising their tax position. 

We have particular expertise in advising UK based management team shareholders on private equity transactions and entrepreneurs on full and partial exit.

How we can help

We are a multi-disciplinary team covering direct and indirect corporate, shareholder and employee taxation. 

We can assist with advice in the following areas.


  • Design and implementation of tax efficient employee shares and options
  • Flexible and tax efficient structuring
  • Identifying and quantifying tax risks
  • Minimising tax leakage on purchase and post-transaction
  • Post-completion tax compliance and reporting
  • Purchaser tax due diligence
  • Tax review of legal documentation


  • Minimising tax leakage on sale, including reviewing earn-out structure
  • Post-completion tax planning, compliance and reporting
  • Pre-transaction reorganisations
  • Pre-transaction tax planning and modelling for vendors
  • Reviewing transaction legal documents
  • Vendor tax due diligence
We will help you to understand the tax implications, risks and planning opportunities of any M&A transaction.

Case studies

Tax and structuring advice on a £400m secondary private equity deal

Sale-side tax and structuring advice

01 April 2020

Returning NHS staff offered aggressive tax avoidance schemes that could give them higher tax bills

Our experts give advice to NHS staff who are being encouraged to join highly aggressive and risky tax avoidance schemes.

01 April 2020

Protecting yourself and your business from financial scammers

We set out a range of examples of the types of financial scams in circulation, with advice on how to recognise them and avoid being taken in.

01 April 2020

TaxFax 2020/21

Our pocket-sized booklet which outlines key tax information, including any changes following the Budget