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International Business Trips

Expert advice to navigate the complex employer tax, social security and payroll obligations created by international business trips.

Understanding your international business travel needs

Advances in technology and transport, together with an increasingly agile global workforce, mean that more and more employees travel internationally with their work. This trend will continue as the world recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic as some roles will still require people to be on the ground rather than work remotely.

Many tax authorities around the world, including the UK, will continue to seek new ways of raising revenue from this particular group of employees to ensure that tax, payroll and social security obligations are met.

The rules applying to international business trips are particularly complex and depend on a number of different issues, not solely how much time an employee is spending overseas.

With this in mind, it is important to ensure that you keep abreast of your workforce’s international travel and the associated tax obligations, as these can have a significant impact on both employers and employees. As international travel resumes, now may be the time to review policies and processes to ensure these are still fit for purpose and can support you in effectively managing your cross border workforce going forward.

Our award-winning global mobility team provides a range of tax services to ensure that both employers and employees meet their compliance obligations in this regard.

Our services include:

  • Providing technology that provides real-time updates on your business trips (see below)
  • Managing short-term business visitor compliance in the UK and overseas
  • Treaty claims for double tax or dual residence situations
  • Setting up and operating shadow payrolls
  • International social security compliance
  • Expatriate tax returns

Leveraging the latest global mobility technology

You may also be interested in the Blick Rothenberg International Business Trips App, designed to help address the ever-increasing challenges, risks and administrative burdens of global business travel.

Used by employees, the app supports organisations’ HR, finance and global mobility departments, helping employers to identify and manage their global tax, immigration, compliance and reporting obligations.

Simple, efficient and accurate, the app makes the management of international business travellers easy when it comes to tax, immigration and payroll compliance.

International Business Trips App

Simple, efficient and accurate, the app makes the management of international business travellers easy when it comes to tax, immigration and payroll compliance.


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