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International Business Trips

Reducing the tax risk and administration associated with global business travel

Our award-winning Blick Rothenberg International Business Trips App is an innovative technological solution.

Designed to address the ever-increasing challenges, risks and administrative burdens of global business travel, it makes global business travel easier for both employer and employee.

The app and associated software supports your organisations’ HR, finance and global mobility departments, assisting in the management of global tax, immigration, compliance and reporting obligations.

It provides a simple, efficient and accurate way to identify where and when international business travellers may trigger employer compliance obligations in the UK and overseas.

Key features of the International Business Trips App:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • HR, management and reporting tools
  • Ability to monitor and analyse travel across international workforce
  • Access to support of Blick Rothenberg tax experts
  • Tech and mobility support for both employer and employee

Employer benefits

Advances in technology and transport, together with an increasingly agile global workforce, mean that more and more employees travel internationally with their work. This trend is set to continue as the world slowly recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic as some roles will still require people to be on the ground rather than work remotely.

Many tax authorities around the world, including the UK, will continue to seek new ways of raising revenue from international business travellers to ensure that tax, payroll and social security obligations are met.

Traditional methods for tracking the information necessary to comply with these obligations is not always easy or effective.

Blick Rothenberg’s International Business Trips app provides access to real-time data which, together with its reporting functionality, provides you with an immediate view of where your business travellers are working in the world, and alerts you as to any potential employment tax and immigration obligations.

Used as part of Blick Rothenberg’s suite of tax and payroll tools, the app will help protect your company from a host of risks including:

  • Unexpected tax liabilities and demands
  • Payroll implications
  • Non-compliance with international social security rules
  • Associated travel /HR policy issues

How does the International Business Trips App work?

Blick Rothenberg’s International Business Trips app uses mobile phone technology to enable employees to track their business travel on a real-time basis.

The app will then alert them and their employer of any potential employment tax or immigration implications in the country or countries in which they are working.

It also enables employers to monitor business travel across an entire workforce and identify any risk areas.

Find out more

For more information or a demonstration of the technology and how it could help your business, please contact Mark Abbs or Alan Tam using the details on this page.