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BRave Business

A top 20 podcast series aimed at entrepreneurial businesses

BRave Business Episode 15 Declan And Guests In Studio

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Brave by name and brave by nature, this podcast series is different.

Hosted by journalist and broadcaster Declan Curry, the series focuses on providing market updates, practical guidance, timely insights, and professional opinions from our industry experts, and aims to help entrepreneurs make informed business decisions.

Declan was one of the BBC’s most recognisable business presenters and presented business news on BBC One’s breakfast television for almost a decade. He also hosted BBC Two’s Working Lunch and programmes about strategy and leadership on BBC Radio 5 Live and about personal finance on the BBC News TV channel.

BRave Business – Episode 15

Pay Equity – What’s going on with Gender Pay Gap and Pay Transparency

In this episode we take a look at the topic of the gender pay gap, pay equality and pay transparency. What are they, why are they important and what are the challenges business face in implementing these directives?

And joining Declan to debate all of this are Blick Rothenberg’s Reward Services Partner Stuart Hyland and Azets’ Group Chief People Officer Claire Jepras.

BRave Business – Episode 14

Demystifying R&D Tax Relief

In this episode we take a look at the UK’s Research & Development Tax regime: what is it, how does it work and how and why is it changing? What does all that mean for entrepreneurial businesses and how can they improve their chances of qualifying for this essential relief?

Joining Declan in the studio to debate all of this is Blick Rothenberg’s R&D Manager Chris Heath.

BRave Business – Episode 13

The Challenges of Moving Goods Internationally

In this episode we take a look at the challenges of moving goods internationally. How have things changed post-Brexit, what is the new Border Operating Model and what impact will new and proposed trade agreements have on the supply of different types of products to the UK.

Joining Declan in the studio are Blick Rothenberg’s Customs Duty Partner Simon Sutcliffe, with our guest Charles Hogg, who is Commercial Director at freight forwarder and customs broker Unsworth.

BRave Business – Episode 12

Expanding from the UK to the US

In this episode we take a look at the key considerations for expanding your UK business to the US. What expansion options are available to you, which kind of businesses tend to succeed, and what are some of the common challenges UK businesses face?

Joining Declan for the conversation are Blick Rothenberg’s US UK Private Client Partner Michael Holland and our guest Brad Doline, Of Counsel at law firm Wilson Sonsini.

BRave Business – Episode 11

From Start-up to Exit in the Tech Sector

In this episode we look at some of the challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs in the rapidly evolving technology sector. What Government support is available for tech Start-ups and what’s involved in selling your tech business to a private equity firm.

Joining Declan to discuss this and share their stories are Blick Rothenberg Partner Susie Mullin, and our guest Parry Malm, founder of AI content platform Phrasee.

BRave Business – Episode 10

Overcoming Barriers for Black Entrepreneurs

In this episode we look at some of the barriers faced by Black entrepreneurs and how they overcome them. We’ll also take a look at unconscious bias, and the importance of representation and diversity in the business world.

Joining Declan Curry to discuss this weighty issue and share their stories are Blick Rothenberg Partner Ed Rieu, and our guests Bola Yusuff, founder of International Tax Search, and Kojo Marfo, founder of My Runway Group.

BRave Business – Episode 9

Hidden Struggles: Mental Health of Entrepreneurs

In this episode, our host Declan Curry has a frank and honest conversation with guests Phil Ives from Bean Partners and Rob Begg, an awareness and alignment coach, on the topic of entrepreneur’s mental health. Both share their own raw, personal experiences, as well as their tips on how other entrepreneurs and owner managers can recognise the warning signs earlier.

Blick Rothenberg CEO, Nimesh Shah also shares his insights into working with entrepreneurial clients who are struggling with their mental health, particularly when it comes to the difficult decision to exit from or sell a business.

BRave Business – Episode 8

Establishing a UK Brand

In this episode we take a look at the key considerations for establishing a UK business. What are the challenges for launching a new product or service in the UK and how do you grow and scale a brand?

Joining Declan to discuss this topic are Blick Rothenberg’s International Business Senior Manager Melissa Thomas and our guests Angela Crouch from Nectar Sleep and Lisa Robinson from Companiions.

BRave Business – Episode 7

Working with Chinese Businesses in the UK

This year marks the 50th year of the UK-China full diplomatic relationship. China is the great economic success story of the last 30 years. It is a huge market for UK businesses in everything from technology to luxury food products. However, it can be a challenging market to enter. As a result, many British entrepreneurs are looking to build relationships with Chinese businesses newly established in the UK as a gateway to China as a market.

In this episode we chat about the key opportunities for UK business looking to work with Chinese businesses in the UK, as well as some of the challenges and how can they be avoided.

Joining our host Declan Curry in the studio are Blick Rothenberg’s Head of China Desk Winnie Cao and Audit, Assurance & Advisory Director Adam Wildbore. We’re also joined by Senior Advisor on China Strategy Jack Yu from law firm King & Wood Mallesons.

BRave Business – Episode 6

Ingraining D&I into your business’ DNA

Diversity and Inclusion are topics constantly being discussed across different business sectors, but how do you ensure it’s more than just talk? How can a clear diversity and inclusion strategy help entrepreneurial businesses?  And what are the steps that should be taken early on in a business’ growth to ensure D&I is ingrained in their DNA?

Joining the discussion from Blick Rothenberg are CEO Nimesh Shah and Head of D&I Angela Cooke. Our guest is Kerry Stares, Partner & Director of Responsible Business and Pro Bono at Charles Russell Speechlys LLP.

BRave Business – Episode 5

The 4 Key TRAPs of Global Remote Working

Hybrid working has been a key outcome for many businesses following the global pandemic, but are you prepared for the four TRAPs?

In this episode we discuss the issues businesses are facing, and how to overcome them. Joining in the conversation from Blick Rothenberg is Mark Abbs, partner and head of the Global Mobility team and Alan Tam, Global Mobility Partner. Our guest is Harvey Perkins, director of HRUX – a company which focuses on delivering technology solutions for clients with complex tax and related issues.

BRave Business – Episode 4

Adapting Your Workspace to the New World

We look at the key drivers of demand across the commercial property sector, what businesses are planning to do with their workspaces, how they can potentially take advantage of tax incentives for office refits, and what the office of the future looks like.

Joining in the conversation from Blick Rothenberg is Heather Powell, Head of Property & Construction and Sean Randall, Stamp Duty Partner. Our guest is James Saunders, Project Management Director at Arcadis, the leading global Design & Consultancy for natural and built assets.

BRave Business – Episode 3

When to sell your business (and when not to)

In this episode we consider the key considerations for if and when to sell your business, including knowing your population of potential buyers and the number you are willing to sell for, as well as the key tax and legal considerations.

Joining Declan to discuss all of this is Blick Rothenberg’s Corporate Tax Partner Rob Goodley and our guest Phil Ives from Bean Partners, who is himself a serial entrepreneur.

BRave Business – Episode 2

The OMB Lifecycle

Part Two: Growth, Sale & Succession

This is the second of two episodes that focus on the key considerations for an owner-managed business during its life cycle, from start-up through to maturity and finally sale and succession.

In part two, we focus on the growth and sale of a business.

Joining us for this debate are Blick Rothenberg’s Corporate Tax Partner Rob Goodley and Audit Partner Darsh Shah, with guest David Rai, co-founder of Sparta Global.

BRave Business – Episode 1

The OMB Lifecycle

Part One: Start up and Financing

This is the first of two episodes that focus on the key considerations for an owner-managed business during its life cycle, from start-up through to maturity and finally sale and succession.

In part one, we focus on the start-up and financing phase of a business.

Joining us for this debate are Blick Rothenberg’s UK Outsourcing Partner Stephanie Levin and our guest Rob Caplan, co-founder of First Wealth.

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