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Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper
Partner, Head of Financial Services
Financial Services
I have been a fund COO and a Partner leading private equity-focused teams in practice. I offer pragmatic real world solutions to complex fund and tax problems

Head of Financial Services

I am a chartered accountant and tax advisor. I started my career in international corporate tax before moving into a deals team. I have run deals tax teams at a number of the large accounting firms focusing on Venture Capital and Private Equity clients. I worked in the Private Equity industry, as a Director at Terra Firma Capital Partners and then as Chief Operating Officer for Lion Capital, where I ran the global back office for the fund. I give tax advice on fund structuring and all aspects of deals, including tax due diligence. Having worked in the industry, I believe the key to giving good advice is that it must be actionable in the real world!

In the fund structuring space I deal with the tax issues around setting up and running investment fund and carried interest structures. Having spent time in the industry, I am able to help with real world issues around how to operate the structures as well as advising on the various technical points which come up.

In the deal structuring space I am happy to advise financial and trade buyers, management teams and sellers on all aspects of tax due diligence and deal structuring. I have dealt with many UK and international acquisitions, disposals and restructurings, including issues such as management equity and deal fee recovery.

Specialist areas

Fund structuring Deals support Tax due diligence

Qualifications and positions of note

Chartered Accountant (ICAEW) Chartered Tax Advisor (CIOT)

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