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Alan Healy
Alan Healy
Audit, Accounting & Outsourcing
Not just here to balance the books, my main motivation is seeing an owner managed business thrive as a result of my support or advice and knowing I contributed

After accumulating 15 years of experience, I joined the Audit, Assurance & Advisory department at Blick Rothenberg in February 2023. As a member of the Entrepreneurial team, my primary focus revolves around collaborating with owner-managed businesses.

In my current role, my approach centres on prioritising the individuals I work with, understanding their ambitions, aspirations, and their company’s objectives. I go beyond mere numerical analysis and position myself as a well-rounded trusted advisor. My clients consider me their go-to person for any support they need, ensuring that I am the first contact they reach out to. Instead of solely focusing on making the company profitable, I always delve into the owner’s long-term plans, whether it’s a 5 or 10 year vision. Consequently, many have likened my role to that of an “outsourced Finance Director” for the owner, their family, and their business.

While I possess a solid foundation of knowledge across various sectors, I hold particular interest in renewable energy, sustainability and technology-driven businesses.

Specialist areas

Business advisory Business strategy

Qualifications and positions of note

Part of Chartered Accountants Ireland Degree in Batchelor of Commerce ACA

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