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Talent Management and Development

Understanding your needs

Many companies are experiencing shortages of skilled and experienced staff.  Being unable to recruit in sufficient quantity means internal development of existing staff becomes ever more important.

Developing talent and the next generation of leaders requires exposure to different parts of the business, which for larger companies, will often require a proactive approach to gaining international experience at various times in someone’s career.

The growth in developmental assignment programmes, even as soon as at Graduate level, means that companies invest significant amounts in their high potential staff.  Making sure that they maximise the return on investment is important, but so is making sure that the qualitative assignee experience is addressed as well.

Our people, your partners

Our team of specialist advisers have many years of experience developing mobility policies and programmes, with a focus on both the financial aspects of cost and return, but also on the employee experience and career path progression that comes from having a broader perspective than just the tax piece.

We provide our clients with

  • Considerable experience in managing talent pipelines using assignments of all types to grow and develop next generation leaders
  • A perspective of having also been assignees on a variety of programmes and policies, as well as advising companies of all sizes on their cross-border staffing
  • Award-winning experience in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, including in designing mobility from a DEI perspective.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness (DE&I)

More and more, companies see Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness (DE&I) as a key part of their global talent strategy.  However, when it comes to mobility, progress is not always so linear.

Several countries in the world may present higher risks for certain types of minorities, and companies mindful of their duty of care to employees will, understandably, not wish to expose them to danger.

However, this may conflict with the greater goal of ensuring that minorities get the same opportunities.  Reconciling this is key to a successful DE&I strategy.

Our award-winning Global Mobility team is not only a winner of tax awards, but has also won awards for DE&I, and we use this experience to help our clients succeed in aligning their DE&I policies with their talent strategy.  

We provide our clients with

  • Considerable experience in designing talent policies that ensure that DE&I is built in from the beginning
  • Methodology to measure DE&I and develop programmes and policy to ensure that mobility and talent policies align with the company’s DE&I agenda

Global Talent Report 2022

Download our latest whitepaper, Global Talent Report 2022, which aims to help you build a global talent strategy, expand your talent pools, reduce costs and create a roadmap to scale quickly. 

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