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Global Mobility Summer Series

A webinar series

Join our bitesize technical updates over lunch to get up to speed with the latest issues in Global Mobility

Our experts will delve into a wide range of areas from international pensions and reward strategies to social security and Short-Term Business Visitors.

We aim to address your specific interests and will provide an interactive Q&A for you to ask any burning questions you may have.

Register now to secure your place and we look forward to you joining the discussion.

International pensions

with Tomm Adams
Friday 21 June | 12:30pm – 1:15 pm (BST)

Employers are looking to improve retirement adequacy (i.e. having enough savings to meet income needs as you enter retirement) across their population. An International Retirement Savings Plan can be an attractive solution for employers with an internationally-mobile workforce.

In this session, we will look at:

  • what an International Retirement Savings Plan is
  • how and why employers are using them to support employees’ financial wellbeing, and
  • alternative ways of preparing employees for retirement.

Attendees will then understand the basic principles of how an International Retirement Savings Plan can help address HR challenges, as well as the steps to consider as they move towards implementation.

Global Mobility Summer Series Tomm Adams

Why have a reward strategy?

with Stuart Hyland
Friday 5 July | 12:30pm – 1:15pm (BST)

It’s a time of huge change and increasing scrutiny in the world of reward. In this session we will look at the importance of a reward strategy, particularly in light of the fact that we will soon be having to deliver pay transparency to all employees across the EU – and the UK may not be too far behind!

In particular we will look at:

  • What is a reward strategy and why is it so important to a business?
  • An example of a reward philosophy and strategy
  • Why is reward strategy particularly critical today?
  • Pay transparency around the world
  • The EU Pay Transparency Directive and the requirements for more communication
  • What doess Pay Transparency mean for Global Mobility?
  • The pathway to transparency

After the session, attendees will understand why reviewing and/ or developing their reward strategy is a business-critical activity and how this fits with EU Pay Transparency requirements.

Global Mobility Summer Series Stuart Hyland

International Social Security

with Robert Salter
Friday 19 July | 12:30pm – 1:15pm (BST)

This session will highlight the core social security opportunities and risks which arise for UK-based employers with foreign employees coming to the UK and UK legal employees working overseas. We will also touch on remote working within the EU, which are not UK related.

In the session we will look at:

  • The UK / EU arrangements
  • The UK’s agreements with 3rd countries (e.g. Japan, Canada and the US), and
  • Those countries with whom the UK has no social security agreement
  • Remote working in the EU
  • Rules for common EU commuter locations

After the session, attendees will understand what they need to do as employers in some common situations, the options which exist from a cost-saving perspective and the easements which HMRC have granted, to help them manage the UK NIC issues with internationally-mobile employees.

Global Mobility Summer Series Robert Salter

Short-term business visitors

with Matt Snowdon
Friday 2 August | 12:30pm – 1:15pm (BST)

In the session we will explore some of the key challenges facing employers when managing their Short-Term Business Visitor (STBV) population. It has often been a significant challenge for employers with globally-mobile staff to successfully navigate the various reporting requirements and, with the rise of hybrid and remote working arrangements in recent years, we are seeing employers encountering increased STBV cases to manage, including many employers who did not have STBV populations prior to the pandemic.

This session will primarily cover:

  •  The UK rules regarding STBVs, although we will also cover some key themes and challenges for employers encountering STBV issues globally
  • HMRC’s rules for reporting STBVs, including discussing the circumstances where HMRC will require an employer to declare an STBV via payroll
  • Clarity regarding the types of cases which are considered to be STBVs
  • An overview of practical measures that an employer can follow to track its STBV population including the reporting solutions available in respect of STBVs to ensure that as an employer you are meeting your reporting obligations for tax and payroll

After the session, attendees will understand the reporting requirements and what is needed to remain compliant.

Global Mobility Summer Series Matt Snowdon
GM Webinar Series Non Doms Header

Non-domicile individuals relocating to other countries – A webinar series

From April 2025 the current non-dom regime will be abolished, and we are aware that many people are considering their options

We understand the complexities and considerations involved in relocating to a new country. Our upcoming webinar series is tailored specifically for non-domiciled individuals looking to make a move

Our webinars will delve into the key tax and financial aspects that non-domiciled individuals need to be aware of when considering a relocation and the local considerations each country presents

Hosted by our international experts, and in some cases local partners