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Myth Busters

Myth Busters

Aisha Weise-Forbes from our recruitment team is on a mission to talk to people around our business to challenge myths and assumptions for people considering a career in Accountancy and Professional services or even at Blick Rothenberg.

Naomi Lapite

In this episode, Aisha interviews Naomi Lapite, an Assistant Manager in the Global Mobility team.

Naomi shares her journey into the industry, initially armed with a degree in accounting and finance, which she believed would give her a significant edge.

However, upon her arrival, she discovered that the diverse backgrounds of her colleagues meant everyone started from square one. Despite her technical education in tax, the company prioritised demonstrating the practical aspects of working in taxation.

Mythbusters Aisha Thumbnail

Ele Theochari

In this episode, Aisha is in conversation with Ele Theochari, an R&D tax Partner at Blick Rothenberg, acknowledged as one of AJ Chambers’ 35 Under 35 in 2023.

She challenges the belief that excelling in Accountancy requires acing all exams on the initial try. Ele recounts her personal journey, underscoring how overcoming exam retakes shaped her present role.

For more of Ele’s insights, read her interview in which she explores her 35 Under 35 acknowledgment, providing valuable guidance for those considering a path in Accountancy and Tax.

BR MB Aisha & Ele

Shubhankar Bose

Aisha sat down with Shubhankar Bose, a Manager in our International Outsourcing department, to debunk the myth around Accountants being boring.

The accounting profession has more to do with relating to your clients than it does crunching numbers. Shubhankar talks to us about some of the people he works alongside and the exciting things they get up to outside of their 9-5.

Mythbusters With Shubhankar Bose Thumbnail

Emily Crew and Harry Pape

In this episode of Myth Busters Aisha talks with Emily and Harry, newer members of our Private Client team, to discuss some common misconceptions around Private Client Tax.

In Myth Busters we usually talk with senior leaders and managers in the firm but talking to Emily and Harry gave the opportunity to get a different perspective on the tax space and what a typical day in the life might look like for them.

Mythbusters With Emily And Harry

Alex Straight

Aisha spoke with US/UK Private Client Partner Alex Straight who talks about the exposure and technical support offered to people who join Blick Rothenberg.

US/UK Tax is quite a particular sector, and so it is important to ensure those who are starting their career in this field with us are taught all they need to know internally.

Mythbusters Alex Straight

Teni Olasupo

Aisha was joined by Teni Olasupo who helped her unpack the myth around prior qualifications before moving into the accountancy space.

Teni studied Law and Sociology at university and is now a Senior Manager  in our Global Mobility team. She also touches on our apprenticeship scheme which welcomes school leavers and those who have not gone to university.

BR Mythbusters - Teni

Stefanie Tremain

Aisha sat down with Stefanie Tremain, a Partner in our Private Client Tax team, to help bust the myth that you have to be good at maths to get into accounting.

Given that Finance is the world of numbers, it seems logical to assume numbers will have to be your strength. Stefanie isn’t my only guest who has mentioned that this is in fact not the most important piece of the job. Yes, a proficiency is ideal and helpful but Stefanie talks about what is more important when considering a role in accountancy.

MythBusters 4 Aisha and Stefani

Jim Brown

Aisha spoke with partner Jim Brown to discuss the importance of working as a team and the visibility of senior management.

“I often walk past Directors and Partners while in the office and we have a quick chat…“how are you getting on?” “how was your weekend?”. These moments are a testament to who we are at Blick Rothenberg, friendly people who genuinely care.”

Among many of Jim’s nuggets of wisdom is his point on micro interactions. Formal training is important but the informal interactions you’ll have with your team can be just as useful within this industry.

Aisha And Jim

Andy Briggs

In this episode Aisha chats with Andy Briggs, a Director in our Corporate Tax department, who shares some insight into his own experience at both Big Four and smaller firms.

Aisha said “I’m so excited to share this episode of Myth Busters with you because it touches on an assumption I hear a lot. I have spoken to several soon-to-be qualified finance professionals who have goals of moving In-house. Most people feel this move will offer them more autonomy and variety, but this isn’t always the case.”

Aisha And Andy Myth Busters Episode 1