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Purchase & Sales Ledger Management

Management of your international businesses ledgers to ensure they don’t take on a life of their own.

Understanding your needs

When you are expanding internationally what would normally be simple processes, like sales and purchase ledger management, can take on a life of their own. 

Doing business in multiple countries can give rise to both organisational and cultural challenges which need to be managed sensitively and effectively.   

How do you deal with invoices received in different currencies and languages? How do you understand if VAT has been assessed correctly? And how do you maintain control? 

Working closely with your organisation, Blick Rothenberg can help address these issues through our outsourced purchase and sales ledger management services.

Our people, your partners

Drawing on the expertise of our multi-cultural international business outsourcing team, which speaks over 20 languages, we can address the purchase and sales ledger management needs of your business in the various jurisdictions in which you operate.

We understand how people do business in these jurisdictions and use this experience to benefit your business.

How we can help

Technology leveraged services

When setting up operations abroad you may want some degree of financial responsibility to rest with the local team but want central oversight and ultimate control.

Using our bespoke online systems, we can implement a hierarchical structure to your ledger management which meets your business needs, such as enabling specific users for approval of purchase invoices, by way of example.

Cross-border VAT expertise

Our team is expert in the complexities of the VAT arising from cross border transactions. 

Requirements can vary depending on which borders are being crossed, who the end customer is and the level of trade with a particular territory. 

The tax authorities will expect the recipient of an invoice to account correctly for the VAT, and ignorance is not a sufficient defence.

We are trained to identify such matters as soon as documents are returned, rather than waiting for a VAT specialist to identify this when preparing periodic returns, by which time you may have made a payment that you could struggle to recover.

Security and protection

We can provide a controlled environment around making payments to your suppliers.

The systems and process that we have are covered by our SOC1 (Sarbanes-Oxley) audit and always ensure that an appropriate representative from your business is a part of the authorisation process. 

This is completed online to provide visibility, security and an audit trail. 

Whilst completing such payments we are used to liaising with appropriate individuals about treasury management to ensure that funding requirements are monitored.

When expanding internationally simple processes, like sales and purchase ledger management, can take on a life of their own, but we are here to help.

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