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04 October 2018

Autumn Budget 2018 predictions: Brexit and customs tax

Ahead of the Autumn Budget 2018, Blick Rothenberg look ahead to what the Chancellor could announce with regard to Brexit and customs tax.

01 April 2020

Returning NHS staff offered aggressive tax avoidance schemes that could give them higher tax bills

Our experts give advice to NHS staff who are being encouraged to join highly aggressive and risky tax avoidance schemes.

23 September 2020

Hauliers being told to get their paperwork in order, but Government have not put their IT systems in place

Hauliers across the UK have been warned that unless they get their paperwork in order there could be queues of lorries blocking motorways in January.

01 May 2020

The Government’s move to make PPE free from VAT will also help many businesses

The Government’s decision that PPE will be free of VAT for the next three months will also help many businesses wishing to protect their staff once th


Technology sector Against the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic, technology has never been important and is undoubtedly a crucial element in finding our way to a new normal. The UK has a thriving technology sector, attracting investment from all over the world, and this has continued despite the challenges that have arisen during 2020. Many...

Investing in the UK from North America

Investing in the UK from North America Broadening horizons - assisting North American companies to expand into the UK and beyond, Blick Rothenberg is your partner for global expansion. Understanding your needs Our team of global expansion experts understands the issues that Northern American companies face when expanding globally into new territories. Indeed, we’re proud...

Our Technology

Our Technology Blick Rothenberg - early adopters of new technology to support your international expansion. At Blick Rothenberg we continually invest in technology to ensure effective and efficient delivery of your financial outsourcing solutions, supporting your international expansion whilst enabling your business to adapt to local compliance requirements. We leverage leading technology such as SAP...