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VAT Registration & Returns

Clear, pragmatic outsourced VAT services which ensure compliance, whilst maximising reclaim opportunities.

Understanding your VAT needs

In a world where indirect tax has become an ever-increasing burden for businesses and where VAT systems are becoming progressively more complex, it is important to ensure VAT compliance.

We understand how important it is to protect the interests of your business and work with a wide range of clients on outsourcing their indirect tax needs - from multinational organisations, charities and public sector bodies, to entrepreneurs and family run businesses.

Our people, your partners

Our specialist VAT advisors can assist your business throughout the lifecycle of your VAT needs, providing outsourced services that cover everything from applying for VAT registration through to the completion of VAT returns.

Before working with you, we will ensure we understand your business and your strategic objectives, so our advice is as rounded as possible. This starts right from the seemingly straightforward matter of registering for VAT.

We also provide additional consultancy to help you to maximise VAT recovery opportunities or address potential liability issues.

How we can help

Impact of business model on VAT

We will highlight to you how your business model may impact your VAT requirements.  For example, might you need registrations in various territories or under the Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS).  If you have a group, you may wish to consider registering for VAT collectively.

VAT registration

Once you have understood the best way to proceed, obtaining a VAT registration is not as simple as it used to be.  The rise in VAT fraud has meant that the tax authorities now ask for much more information that was previously the case, including identification documents for key individuals.  A growing number of registrations are now queried, leading to, sometimes significant, delays in a VAT number being obtained. 

We can guide you through the process, pre-empting supporting information that you should provide and highlighting matters that may cause delays.  We can correspond with the authorities and help them to understand your business. 

VAT compliance

Once you are registered, we can prepare or review your periodic filings.  We have experience of working with thousands of businesses, the majority of whom have cross-border activity where more complex issues can arise, so we understand multi-territory VAT issues and can advise accordingly.

It is important that your returns are accurate in order to avoid penalties from the tax authorities which can prove significant.  Outsourcing your VAT requirements to Blick Rothenberg will mitigate this risk.

Following your approval, we can submit your completed VAT returns on your behalf and, should you be selected for audit, can host inspections.

These inspections require access to significant information and the inspector usually seeks to understand the business in more detail.  Having an experienced professional with you during this process can reduce the time spent and help avoid any misunderstandings.

VAT for Property Transactions

When your circumstances change, our VAT advisors can advise on VAT as it relates to property transactions, business mergers, acquisitions and restructuring, where it can have a significant impact.

If you have a VAT question, wider indirect tax problem or if you are about to embark on a transaction and want to understand the VAT implications for your business, get in touch now to speak with an advisor.

We take away the pain of VAT management so you can focus your resources where they are needed most.

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