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Senior Manager

Paul Haywood-Schiefer

05 December 2018

Get your tax return in by 30 December and you could receive a cash flow benefit

Self assessment tax payers are facing the 31 January tax bill but a cash flow benefit can be achieved by getting your tax return in early.

22 November 2018

Healthy figures for “Sugar tax” that could help schools

The second quarter’s results of the 'Sugar tax' have been published by HMRC, showing a 50% increase from the previous quarter’s receipts.

20 November 2019

General Election 2019: Liberal Democrats manifesto commentary

Our experts react to the Liberal Democrats' 2019 General Election manifesto, released earlier today.

17 November 2020

HMRC sends out “nudge” letters to check on UK residency

HMRC are sending out letters to overseas individuals living and working in the UK to establish whether they are resident in the country.

26 October 2020

September tax take higher than last year

Recently released statistics show that HMRC’s total tax receipts for a single month are higher than they were last year, says Paul Haywood-Schiefer.

23 April 2020

HMRC begins to feel coronavirus effects

Statistics released this morning show that the total receipts of HMRC in the 2019/20 tax year were up 2.3% from the receipts of previous (2018/19) tax