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Election 24

Updates and insights on the 4 July UK General Election

Summary of party manifestos 2024

Election podcasts

The Tax Factor – Episode 45

Election 24 

Halfway already!

We’re already halfway through the General Election campaign and one thing you can bet on is that our experts have the lowdown on the parties’ tax commitments and promises.

This week, Rehana Earle and Robert Salter investigate the Labour and Reform UK Manifestos. Do both parties really understand the nuances and details of the tax system and do the numbers add up?

Finally, Robert looks at a partial victory for a taxpayer against HMRC in the first-tier tribunal.


The Tax Factor – Episode 44

Election 24 

The Manifestos

As the General Election continues, Ele Theochari and Robert Salter dig into some of the detail of the parties’ manifestos, looking at the quirks, hiccups and challenges they contain.

They also look at IR35 and a new process for reporting unethical R&D advisors to HMRC.

The Tax Factor – Episode 43

Election 24 

Inheritance Tax reforms, what’s in store for pensions and getting your Election facts right!

This week on The Tax Factor, Nimesh Shah and Roger Holman review some of the latest General Election tax stories.

They take a look at the parties’ proposals and ideas on Inheritance Tax and, if Sunak and Starmer were listening, what they would be suggesting.

Finally, after delving into the detail of the Conservative’s plans Nimesh, uncovers a £40m error in the ‘Triple Lock Plus’ numbers.

The Tax Factor – Episode 42

Election 24

This week on The Tax Factor Heather Self and Robert Salter are talking about the election, including extra tax allowances for pensioners, VAT School fees and the ‘magic money tree’ collecting another £6 billion from stopping tax avoidance and evasion.

They also review what the parties have shared (and what they haven’t) regarding tax policies in the campaign’s kick-off week.

The Plan for Happy Podcast

Nimesh Shah, CEO, joins Adam Walkom in his new podcast series – The Plan for Happy Podcast.

They discuss the prospect of a Labour Government in the UK and what it means for taxation policy. Digging into the announcements, rumours and reports on what we can potentially expect in a few months’ time and looking at the opportunities a new Labour government would have.


Nimesh Shah The Plan For Happy Podcast