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Blick Rothenberg – Chinese name – 必臻, bi-zhen

Blick Rothenberg now has its own Chinese brand name

Blick Rothenberg has registered formal trademarks in China for our name and its corresponding translation, 必臻

曹锦玥 Winnie Jinyue Cao, Partner and Head of our China desk, explains: “China has been developing at a phenomenal pace over the last few decades and its outbound investment has soared in recent years. We’ve seen that the most successful businesses to win work in this market are the ones who have shown cultural consideration to Chinese native speakers.

Having a Chinese brand name is an essential component of this.” In the video Winnie explains why we chose to do this, the importance of adopting a Chinese brand name and the meaning behind the characters chosen for Blick Rothenberg (必臻, pronounced bi-zhen).

Blick Rothenberg - Chinese name - 必臻, bi-zhen

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