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Expert opinion on company purchase

Helping our client negotiate an agreed consideration dispute

Our ultimate client is a business entrepreneur who had a portfolio of pizza retail outlets.

The challenge

Our client bought a further number of pizza retail outlets for an agreed total consideration, of which some of the payment was deferred. On closer inspection of the management accounts which were relied upon to calculate the consideration, it was apparent that all was not as it seemed.
Our client disputed these accounts and therefore the price at which the pizza outlets were purchased.

How did the firm help?

We carried out expert analysis on the accuracy of the management accounts which enabled us to give an opinion of what the consideration should have been. Our client then used this information to negotiate a reduced consideration price with the original owners of the pizza outlets.

The outcome

Our client used information we provided to negotiate a reduced consideration price.

Using the accountancy expert report compiled by the client partner, our client presented their findings. This resulted in a confidentially negotiated settlement in court, which was extremely favourable to our client.