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Forensic Accounting

Working to understand litigation problems quickly and efficiently to support clients’ interests.

Understanding your client’s forensic needs

Businesses globally have never faced so many threats from financial disputes between corporate entities and private individuals as well as fraud and corruption.

The complexities involved with the associated litigation calls for detailed technical insight from expert forensic accountants.

At Blick Rothenberg we are passionate about helping instructing lawyers solve their clients’ financial claims quickly and efficiently, working hard to make the difference between a favourable or disagreeable outcome.

Whether reporting for court purposes, managing a crisis or resolving a dispute, or even uncovering fraud, we will work to understand the facts and present our expert opinion to support clients’ cases or find credible solutions that will help them take their business forward.

You will find our advice to be technically outstanding and supportive of our ultimate client, whilst retaining independence and integrity which is fundamental for court purposes.

We will help your client to emerge stronger whilst ensuring the reputation of their business remains intact.

Our people, your partners

Our forensic advisors are Members of the Academy of Experts and are experts in the field of forensic accounting.

With many years’ experience acting for either the claimant or defendant, we have dealt with a variety of issues - including in court or taking part in arbitration proceedings.

We are also experienced in preparing joint expert accountant’s statements with ‘the other side’ ensuring that your client’s interests are best represented.

How we can help with forensic accounting assignments

All our forensic accounting assignments are partner-led by experienced, independent forensic accountants.

Our work is tailored to recognise the individual circumstances of your clients, ensuring we provide a cost-effective service to you as the instructing party, as well as, ultimately, to your client.

Working with you to understand the nuances of your client’s case, our forensic accounting advice comprises: 

  • Commercial disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Divorce and matrimonial disputes
  • Tax investigations
  • Business disputes
  • Employment related issues

Examples of work:

We’ve acted in several high-profile cases over the years, including acting for:

  • High-profile software/marketing company - breach of contract by a motor manufacturer
  • Former director/shareholder - breach of covenants in former employer termination contract
  • Major lighting retailer - Loss of profits claim against landlord for flood damage
  • Accountants - claim for negligent valuation of a business
  • Medical professional body - defended practitioners in negligence claim
  • High profile architects – defence of non-performance claim
Our forensic accounting team will work hard to make the difference between a favourable or disagreeable outcome for your client.

Our client stories


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