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Senior Advisor

Robert Salter

19 December 2019

Christmas and the Tax Inspector Grinch…

Giving Christmas presents to staff might incur extra tax

07 February 2020

Late filing by taxpayers gives Government a £95m boost – £25m more than last year

HMRC’s official records indicate that 958,000 missed the recent 31 January deadline for filing their self-assessment tax returns

22 July 2019

Public sector pay rises may bring extra tax bills and cause civil servants to retire early

Public sector pay rises could have unforeseen surprises for higher-paid employees in the public sector.

tower-bridge 05 June 2019

When is a van not a van? The definition could cost you dearly

A recent ruling that not all vans are vans for tax purposes, could give thousands of van drivers and their employers higher tax bills.

Brexit – People

People One of the Four Freedoms. Sign up to receive important updates from us. Sign up EU citizens are free to move, live and work in any EU member state. This free movement of people was created with the aim to promote a mobile workforce across the EU. The UK Government has announced that it...

Assignment management

Assignment management Immigration and relocation arrangements are generally the main areas of focus when planning a move. However, an area that is often overlooked is the employee’s net pay and cost of living expenses as well as the employee’s and employer’s reporting obligations in both the home and host locations. The three key aspects are...

20 November 2019

General Election 2019: Liberal Democrats manifesto commentary

Our experts react to the Liberal Democrats' 2019 General Election manifesto, released earlier today.

Expatriates & Employers

Expatriates & Employers Award-winning expatriate tax advice for both employers and executives. Understanding your expatriate needs Tax rules for employers, employees, executives and statutory directors can be very complex, even where a trip is only for a few days. With increasingly harsh penalties when things go wrong, it is more important than ever to seek...

Brexit hub

Brexit hub Our Brexit hub provides critical information about the UK’s exit from the European Union and the consequences for businesses and individuals. Sign up to receive important updates from us. Sign up Brexit overview The UK has left the EU as a member on 31 January 2020. On 1 February 2020, a transitional phase...

21 January 2021

Common Furlough Scheme errors and what should you do about them

Robert Salter examines the common Furlough Scheme errors that businesses may have made during their applications.

30 December 2020

UK workers could face double social security charges if they work in the EU from January

Employers, employees and the self-employed who need to start working in the EU after 1 January could become liable for double social security charges.