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January, 2023

Changes to VAT options to tax

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27 January 2023

Changes to VAT options to tax

With HMRC changing the way they process and acknowledge options to tax, what does it mean for property companies and professional advisors?

Neil-Insull 27 January 2023

Don’t be caught out by Corporation Tax rate change

A new 25% rate of Corporation Tax will be introduced from 1 April 2023, bringing potentially unexpected consequences for companies of all sizes

Alan Pearce 27 January 2023

Why is the place of establishment relevant for VAT?

A business’ place of establishment often determines the place of supply of services for VAT, so defining this correctly is key to avoiding penalties

27 January 2023

Sole traders who received Covid support could be investigated by HMRC

Sole traders or those in partnerships need to take particular care when they make their tax return or they could be investigated

24 January 2023

Nadhim Zahawi – It could have been a lot worse

Nadhim Zahawi may be feeling sore over the seven-figure tax settlement with HMRC but it could have been a lot worse.

23 January 2023

The growing popularity of UK ‘nearshoring’ and ‘onshoring’ – Does it spell the end for extended supply chains?

Businesses are exploring ‘near-shoring’ and ‘on-shoring’ as a way of weathering the vagaries of potentially vulnerable international supply chains

20 January 2023

Tax Filing deadline Twitter Live Q&A

On January 19th we hosted a live Q&A session on Twitter answering questions ahead of the tax filing deadline on January 31.

19 January 2023

High Income Child Benefit Charge: A decade of failure

Ten years on, the HICBC system continues to cause as much anxiety to taxpayers as it did when it was first introduced.

19 January 2023

Spotlight on… Corporate Interest Restriction (CIR)

Ravi Singh Basra looks at Corporate Interest Restriction (CIR) and provides an overview of the rules and certain practical considerations

16 January 2023

Tax Q&A: Temporary workplace relief

Robert Salter explains how Temporary workplace relief (TWR) is designed to help employers manage the costs associated with extended business travel.

29 December 2022

A year in tax to remember, or forget?

Putting three Prime Ministers to one side, four Chancellors in the space of four months is unprecedented.

22 December 2022

New late payment regime for VAT – Points make penalties

New regime will be a more complex multi-tier penalties system with interest also being charged on all late payments.

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