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February, 2020

The impact of Brexit on mobile employees

Employers need to consider a number of issues with regard to their mobile employees - whether UK individuals working in Europe or EU/EEA employees working in the UK.

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24 February 2020

The impact of Brexit on mobile employees

Following Brexit, employers need to consider a number of issues with regard to their mobile employees.

18 February 2020

Corporate Criminal Offence (CCO) – Failure to Prevent the Facilitation of Tax Fraud (FTP)

HMRC have released figures for all live CCO enquiries. The number of open investigations means they are serious about using these new criminal powers.

18 February 2020

Self’s assessment: Virgin on the ridiculous

Should Virgin Healthcare have paid tax on its NHS deals?

14 February 2020

Unbelievable that a Chancellor has left so close the Budget

Any major changes and decisions that were to be announced would presumably need to be put on hold and assessed by the new Chancellor.

10 February 2020

DAC 6 – what does it mean for you?

The UK has recently introduced final regulations to implement DAC 6 to be used by HMRC to identify aggressive cross-border tax planning arrangements.

07 February 2020

Late filing by taxpayers gives Government a £95m boost – £25m more than last year

HMRC’s official records indicate that 958,000 missed the recent 31 January deadline for filing their self-assessment tax returns

04 February 2020

Four days into the EU transition phase and the objectives seem to be in jeopardy

“Business communities want negotiations to succeed, but clarity is urgently needed.”

31 January 2020

Brexit day – What comes next?

After 47 years, today marks the last day of the UK’s membership with the European Union

30 January 2020

German and UK business leaders demand focus on crucial issues for British-EU trade

A new era for British-German relations

13 January 2020

Self’s assessment: Looking back – and forwards

Some new year’s tax resolutions – for the press, advisers and politicians.

08 January 2020

New Year resolutions for OMBs

The start of the New Year is a natural time to reflect, and with this comes an abundance of resolutions.

07 January 2020

Taxpayers who don’t file their tax returns on time will be fined and it could get a lot worse

Almost half the population still have to file their tax returns