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Transition from CE to UKCA and important food and drink labelling changes

Important labelling and product marking requirements for pre-packaged food and drink products entering the UK and the transition to UKCA marking for other manufactured goods being placed on the GB market will come into effect during 2022.


On 1 January 2023 all goods that already currently carry the CE marking (or goods that will require such a safety and security marking) will need to fully transition to the UKCA marking on their product labelling. There are separate rules already in place for Northern Ireland with CE and UKNI markings. Goods must be properly and freshly approved by an authorised conformity body in the UK to be allowed to carry the UKCA.

While traders are advised to ready their packaging and products to hold such new markings and obtain the new conformity assessments, the UK Government has allowed a concession that stickers may be placed on packaging bearing the UKCA mark as a transitionary measure until 31 December 2023, but only on certain products.

For pre-packaged food and drink labelling, Food Business Operators (FBOs) importing pre-packaged goods into the UK will be required to add a UK address to their product’s labels from 1 October 2022. This address can be their UK business, their distributor, or their importer. The address needs to be a physical address where the trader can be contacted by mail – an email address or telephone number will not suffice.

There are separate rules for cosmetics, chemicals, vehicles, and medicines.

Traders are advised to begin the process of preparing for these changes from a labelling and conformity assessment perspective.

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If you would like further information on this topic including how we can help you prepare for these changes, please contact Simon Sutcliffe using the details on this page.

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