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Nimesh Shah appointed CEO at Blick Rothenberg

Nimesh Shah has been appointed CEO of Blick Rothenberg and takes up his position on 1 August


Nimesh Shah CEO
Nimesh Shah, The new CEO of Blick Rothenberg


Nimesh, aged 38, is one of the youngest people to hold the role of CEO in a financial services company in the UK; he takes over from the current CEO, Nilesh Shah (no relation), who is leaving the company to take up an advisory role with Blick Rothenberg’s parent company Cogital Group.  Nilesh will have been with the firm for exactly 30 years and leaves a team of almost 670 across five offices in central London.

Nimesh said: “I am incredibly fortunate to have a strong team around me and to be inheriting a very solid business.  Part of my role will be to build on the existing foundations and enhance the Blick Rothenberg brand further in the market.  I am very much looking forward to the challenge of the new role and making a positive impact for our people, clients and the firm.”

Nimesh added: “When I joined Blick Rothenberg eight years ago, having relocated from Manchester, I did not expect I would be leading the firm one day.  I am proud to have been given the support and the confidence to develop my career at Blick Rothenberg, enhancing both the profile of the firm and myself personally.  In my role as CEO, I hope that I can give our people the same opportunities and support that have been afforded to me, and my own measure of success will be to see people develop their careers beyond mine.”

Nilesh Shah said: “Nimesh has been an important member of the team in the recent history of Blick Rothenberg and has made a significant contribution to the growth of the business.  I am confident that he will excel in his new role as CEO of Blick Rothenberg and that I am leaving the firm safe in the hands of a team that not only upholds but lives our values.”

He added: “I have been with Blick Rothenberg for 30 years and have been very fortunate in that period to have worked with some great people and clients. I know it is rare nowadays for someone to stay with one business for so long, but my journey has certainly given me a lot of pleasure and experiences.  Having joined as a senior manager and acted as CEO for the last three and a half years, stopping off on the way to head up our tax and US practices, I have learnt a lot about the importance of our people when building a high-quality business.

“Our business is in a strong position as I handover to Nimesh and our highly motivated and engaged management team. I am now looking forward to taking an advisory role with Cogital Group, as the next phase of my career.”

Cogital Group CEO, Dawn Marriott, said: “Blick Rothenberg is an integral part of Cogital, and along with our other businesses, it makes us one of the leading providers of accountancy services in the UK and Europe.

“I am delighted to have been able to appoint Nimesh to CEO of Blick Rothenberg. I know he will continue to engage and inspire our people, always focusing on clients and how we best advise them. His strengths, combined with our highly experienced and dynamic senior management team, mean we are very well set to continue to grow and innovate Blick Rothenberg as part of Cogital.

“I am also delighted that we will retain Nilesh within our Group. He has had an outstanding 30-year career with Blick Rothenberg, and he will continue to be an important part of our future.”

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