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Managing an internationally mobile workforce within a major INGO

Implementing internal policies and processes to manage and educate a global workforce

Our client is a major, global INGO with employees across the world.

The challenge

Our client needed a global mobility advisor to not only ensure the compliance of its international workforce, but also to implement internal policies and processes to manage and educate their workforce about what they need to consider when working overseas.

How did Blick Rothenberg help?

We undertook tax briefings with international employees so that they understood their tax position before going on an assignment and have been on hand to answer any employee queries that arise.

For the organisation itself, we undertook a tax review to determine its tax compliance obligations both in the UK and in all the countries in which it operates. As part of this review we suggested improvements to internal processes concerning the management of globally mobile employees.

The outcome

Not only is our client assured of its compliance in all the countries in which it operates, it also now has the systems and processes in place to quickly on-board and manage their global workforce. In addition, employees have complete transparency over their tax position when working overseas.

Blick Rothenberg provides pragmatic, down to earth advice, promptly and with a minimum of fuss – all at a fair price. For the highly complex NGO sector, while tax compliance is essential, we require a great, value for money service to ensure our hard-earned funds are used for maximum benefit and Blick Rothenberg helps us achieve that. International HR Manager

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