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Facilitating the successful launch of a hedge fund management start-up

Facilitating the successful launch of a hedge fund management start-up

The Challenge

Our client is an alternative investment management partnership based in London. When the partnership was launched the founders needed a service provider that had experience in the hedge fund management sector and could offer a holistic service to enable them to fully outsource their accounting function. This was the first time the principals had run their own business, so they needed a firm that knew what to expect and could set the business up with the appropriate financial systems and processes. They also needed to be able to demonstrate to potential investors that they had top tier specialist service providers in place who would be able to support the business as it scaled.

How did Blick Rothenberg help?

Our partner-led approach and specialist support meant that we were able to build a strong relationship with the client team. We enabled them to get through the initial processes of getting registered with VAT and setting up their payroll systems with minimal fuss, allowing them to focus on their key business objective of raising assets in the fund. We also gave them advice on employer services and legal structure, as well as suggesting a robust reporting process for them. Our tailored approach to client care meant that we provided the right level of advice at the right times to achieve critical objectives whilst avoiding overcomplicating things in the early stages of the business. The experience we have throughout our team in dealing with dozens of similar launches over the years meant we were able to offer clear and well-grounded advice whenever it was needed.


Our complete support offering, combined with personalised advice, enabled our client to navigate the pre-launch period and the launch itself without any issues or distractions arising on the finance side. As well as this, we established the systems and processes that are in place to support the firm’s continued growth. The partnership has now been in business for two years, and in that time has increased Assets under Management to a level that provides a sustainable base for long-term growth. These assets have come primarily from institutional investors thanks to our client repeatedly demonstrating the strength of their operational approach via investor due diligence.

We continue to support new launches every year and are always interested in talking to anyone thinking about starting a new venture, please get in touch via our Financial Services hub page.

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