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Michael Holland
Michael Holland
US/UK Private Client
I help business owners & entrepreneurs ensure their US & UK tax affairs are synchronised, their filing obligations are satisfied, and their worldwide tax is minimised

Navigating the UK tax system can be hard enough, but having to also consider the application of the US tax rules can become too much for many transatlantic taxpayers. I work solely with business owners exposed to UK & US tax with the primary goal of ensuring their tax situations on both sides of the Atlantic are synchronised and their worldwide tax is minimised.

I work closely with Americans to help them understand, coordinate and simplify their personal and business tax affairs while guiding them through their annual tax filing obligations. I also support UK businesses to comprehend and fulfil the US tax obligations associated with expanding into the US market.

Michael Holland

Specialist areas

Assisting American business owners living in the UK to manage their worldwide tax obligations Helping business expand into the US and engage with customers in the US

Services covered

Qualifications and positions of note

Association of Tax Technicians (ATT) Chartered Tax Advisor (CIOT) Agent Enrolled to Practice Before the Internal Revenue Service (EA)

BRave Business: Expanding from the UK to the US

In this episode we take a look at the key considerations for expanding your UK business to the US. What expansion options are available to you, which kind of businesses tend to succeed, and what are some of the common challenges UK businesses face?

Joining Declan for the conversation are Blick Rothenberg’s US UK Private Client Partner Michael Holland and our guest Brad Doline, Of Counsel at law firm Wilson Sonsini.

BRave Business 12

US Insights

In this series of Insight videos and accompanying articles our US UK Private Client team explain some of the key tax considerations for US citizens living in the UK Are you a non-US company doing business in the US?

Do you know if you are subject to US Corporation Tax? The tax requirements for non-US businesses engaged in a US trade can be complicated and require careful planning.

Michael & Alex US Insights 1

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