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20 November 2020

Post-Brexit uncertainty

A free trade agreement post-Brexit is not the whole solution for UK traders, asserts Simon Sutcliffe.

23 September 2020

Hauliers being told to get their paperwork in order, but Government have not put their IT systems in place

Hauliers across the UK have been warned that unless they get their paperwork in order there could be queues of lorries blocking motorways in January.

02 April 2020

Customs Duty and VAT stopped on urgent medical equipment

The Government's suspension of import duty on Personal Protection Equipment and chemicals for test kit manufacture is welcome but overdue.

09 September 2022

Little or no promise to help businesses who are being crippled by the complete lack of any energy price cap – so far

Liz Truss signalled that she wants to help in the energy crisis but it is still unclear as to how she will help

Customs Duty receipts up by 50% in the last year 05 August 2022

Customs Duty receipts up by 50% in the last year

Could this extra revenue be regarded as a potential way to fund a tax cut for the new Government?

01 May 2020

The Government’s move to make PPE free from VAT will also help many businesses

The Government’s decision that PPE will be free of VAT for the next three months will also help many businesses wishing to protect their staff once th