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Return on Investment into International Employees

Understanding your needs

Sending an employee abroad can be a significant investment, both in terms of cost, but also of time.  And, where that time is limited, the period over which that return on investment is generated needs careful consideration.

Many companies struggle to demonstrate the return on this investment.  It can be easy to look at cost (but not always), whereas the return can be more abstract, and over a longer period. 

It can be unclear whether the return should even be measured during the assignment in terms of improving business performance where the assignee brings their experience, or after the assignment when they return home with enhanced skills that enable them to add more value to their sending office.

Helping our clients understand the challenges, and being clear that they are asking the right questions, can maximise the focus on how to maximise the return, rather than minimise the cost.

Our people, your partners

Our team of specialist advisers have many years of experience developing mobility policies and programmes, with a clear view of how to ensure costs are managed, whilst ensuring that the company thinks proactively about how to capture the knowledge generated, for the greater good of the business as a whole.

We provide our clients with

  • Considerable experience and expertise
  • A perspective of having also been assignees on a variety of programmes and policies, and of having managed global mobility programmes in companies of varying sizes
  • Award-winning research into the nature of assignments and their role in talent development

Visit our Global Mobility hub for more information about our team as well as our latest guides, news and insights.


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