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Some personal information may be processed as a result of providing services to others

Where Blick Rothenberg is engaged by corporate clients, those clients are not data subjects.  However, as part of such instructions personal information about other persons may be provided to us (e.g. personal information relating, without limitation, to any of our corporate clients' employees, partners, members, representatives or similar).

The following is a non-exhaustive list which is reflective of the varied nature of the personal information processed as part of our business. 

For instance, if we are providing services to a corporate client we may be provided with, and then process, personal information about the client’s representatives including but not limited to the representative’s name and contact details and any other information necessary to fulfil the services (e.g. but without limitation including any regulatory Know Your Client and or Anti Money Laundering regulations, or similar, information).  

We might also need to process personal information in relation to corporate clients’ employees who use Blick Rothenberg services in the course of their work for our corporate client. 

Please note that when we reference the processing of personal data related to any corporate clients, we also mean any individual whose personal information may be processed by us as a result of providing  services to others (including individual and corporate clients, investors, shareholders or intermediaries).

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