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Individual clients

If you are an individual client in receipt of our services or a prospective individual client:

  • Name and job title
  • Contact information including email address
  • Payment information including bank account number
  • Other information relevant to provision of services
  • Information that you provide to us as part of our providing the services to you which depends on the nature of your agreement with Blick Rothenberg
  • Our correspondence and communications with you
  • Relevant information as required by any regulatory Know Your Client and or Anti Money Laundering regulations (or similar).  This may possibly include evidence of source of funds, at the outset of and possibly from time to time throughout our relationship with clients and, prospective clients etc., which we may request and/or obtain from third party sources. The sources for such verification may comprise documentation which we request from the prospective client or using online sources or both
  • Information about any complaints and enquiries you make to us
  • Information from research, surveys and marketing activities
  • Information we receive from other sources such as publicly available information, information provided by your employer or our clients or information from our association member firms

Please click here to view the full Privacy Notice.