US Citizen

We know that one size rarely fits all. We invest time in getting to understand you, your family, your tax affairs and your businesses, as we hope this investment will be rewarded with a long-working relationship together.

We are proactive, not reactive, and above all strive to make sure our clients always feel in control of their tax position.

We provide a range of services to US citizens including:


We act for US citizens who are living and working in the UK and elsewhere around the globe as well as non-US nationals living and working in the US.

We can provide a comprehensive package of compliance and advisory services to ensure that you stay up to date with the maze of associated compliance and to make sure you pay no more than the 'right' amount of tax.


We understand the challenges of managing family wealth and succession and provide comprehensive US and UK tax advice and compliance services to a variety of High Net Worth families with first and multi-generational wealth.

We provide a tailored solution based on each family's needs, and build lasting relationships as appropriate with adult children, family offices and trustees.

Non domiciled

We act for individuals not domiciled in the UK and can advise on the complex remittance rules as well as the changes to the non domiciled regime.

In addition to assisting with the preparation of tax returns, we can help you manage your remittances and advise on the benefit of the 'Remittance Basis Charge'.


We have extensive experience of assisting entrepreneurial businesses in the UK and the US. We can advise on structure, planning and incorporation and assist with all compliance needs and have advisors who have entrepreneurship running through their veins.

We work with businesses that cross borders through trade or ownership and work to ensure that conflicting US. UK and other local issues are effectively managed.

Asset managers

We work with a number of alternate asset managers and have extensive experience in the industry. We typically provide proprietary 'north of fund' advice and compliance services.

We can assist with personal tax planning for the fund principals and specialise in assisting US principals of overseas-based asset managers.