Stamp taxes

We use our market-leading knowledge and experience to give meticulously thought-through advice, delivered in a clear way, without sitting on the fence.

“The best stamp duty brain in the country.”Senior partner at a leading London law firm

We advise on all UK stamp taxes:


  • Stamp duty on share transactions in private companies
  • Stamp duty reserve tax on share transactions in public companies
  • Stamp duty land tax on land transactions in England and Northern Ireland
  • Land and buildings transaction tax on land transactions in Scotland
  • Land transaction tax on land transactions in Wales
  • Annual tax on enveloped dwellings on ownership of UK dwellings by companies

We can:


  • Minimise tax costs on purchases and reorganisations based on making reasonable legislative choices
  • Reduce tax costs on property leasing
  • Ensure compliance obligations are met
  • Resolve a dispute with a tax authority
  • Get tax authority clearance before proceeding with a transaction
  • Help you lobby for a change in law