Not-for-Profit and Charity

Blick Rothenberg has a long and proud association with the charity and not-for-profit sector. We work with a number of such companies; providing advice, support and assurance that the financial aspects are well-managed, allowing management to focus on service delivery.

“We are extremely grateful to Blick Rothenberg for all their tremendous support and advice; in particular for helping us in our annual reports to the Charity Commission.”Dreike Scholarship Fund
Our experience of the commercial sector allows our charity clients to benefit from a different perspective. All businesses, whether commercial or with a social purpose, want to ensure strong and sustainable growth. Charities may have different stakeholders but all have a strong desire to maintain stability in order to meet the needs of their beneficiaries. Charities, like other businesses, face many and varied risks – operational, financial, governance, external, compliance or strategic. Trustees are responsible for managing such risks and with many being part-time volunteers, added complications can arise.

Risk management is far more than just a compliance requirement – it is a very useful management tool that can allow a charity to operate and achieve its aims more efficiently and effectively.

By understanding the charity and by working with you, we can help to identify potential risks and plan the best approach to counter them. Often by identifying risks, the charity can find opportunities to develop the business for the future.

This process includes:
  • Creating a risk policy
  • Identifying risks
  • Assessing these risks and their impact
  • Planning procedures to mitigate them
  • Establishing a risk review procedure

Alongside our risk management reviews, we undertake full reviews of your systems and processes, and tailor our advice to your needs.

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