International Pensions

Blick Rothenberg has an award-winning international tax team that offers a range of UK and international pension services. We can provide outstanding value through a unique combination of high quality service, expert international tax advice, leading-edge technology and accredited processes and systems.

UK tax breaks are not limited to UK pension* plans; international employees can often enjoy the same benefits by continuing with existing overseas pension arrangements during their time here. However, those individuals who remain active members of a non-UK pension scheme must make sure that the contributions and benefits conform to UK requirements and limits if unwanted tax charges are to be avoided.
Blick Rothenberg received the Corporate INTL Magazine 2017 Global Award for Cross Border Pensions Adviser of the Year.
*pensions can be called different things in different countries but broadly it is a vehicle to help you and your employer save for your retirement, usually tax efficiently.


Blick Rothenberg can help:

  • Assess whether the non-UK pension scheme meets the requirements for UK tax relief;
  • Assist with claiming UK tax relief on pensions and similar;
  • Explain to employees how the UK pension system works and, so help them decide whether joining a UK Pension scheme is a better option; and
  • For those on higher income (£150,000 or more), calculate the optimum employer and employee pension Contributions over the next three years before new restrictions on tax relieved contributions fully bite.