International Mobility 'Health Check' Review

An increasingly globalised world needs internationally mobile employees (“IME”). The number of employees working outside of their home country is soaring and this trend is set to continue; it is predicted that the number of globally mobile employees will double by 2020.


What are the benefits of an IME review?

  • Understand costs better. Implement cost and budgeting tools
  • Identify cost savings
  • Understand the effectiveness of your existing arrangements
  • Review your employer compliance and payroll reporting and identify possible issues
  • Develop, review and clearly document assignment policies
  • Communicate and explain these policies to key stakeholders
  • Update allowances and implement an annual or periodic review
  • Introduce best practice and fresh ideas
  • Achieve consistency in the ‘assignee experience’
  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities
  • Process map key activities in the assignment lifecycle to provide clear ownership of activities
  • Review how your internationally mobile employees can better support your business strategy
  • Benchmark your performance against other organisations
  • Review the perceptions of the business
  • Measure the satisfaction of your assignee population with the management of their assignments

We were awarded the best International and Expatriate Tax Team at the 2015 Taxation Awards. Recognised as a mark of excellence within the sector, the awards were judged by a panel of leading professionals and officers of major tax institutions.