Our specialist VAT advisors can assist your business with all VAT-related matters ranging from VAT registration applications and the completion of VAT returns to VAT consultancy and complex liability issues.

In addition to general VAT advice, our services also incorporate transaction-based VAT consultancy and planning assignments, aimed at maximising VAT recovery. Our VAT advisors have extensive experience in property transactions, business mergers, acquisitions and restructuring, where VAT can have a significant impact.

We are uniquely placed to provide overseas businesses with VAT advice in order to ensure that they comply with the necessary legal and accounting obligations. We also ensure that advantage is taken of any reliefs or planning structures that mitigate the impact of VAT in the UK and the EU.

We can specifically cater for the needs of businesses expanding internationally. VAT plays a major role in the services provided to such clients and we have specialised teams who can support the on-going compliance both within territory and cross border.

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