Voluntary Disclosure

There are many Americans, who may have lived for years outside the US and who are fully compliant with their tax affairs in the country in which they live, but may have been unaware of their continued requirement to file US tax and information returns.

There is also a category of 'accidental' American who may be unaware of their US citizenship let alone their requirement to file tax returns. These individuals should be considering disclosure (approaching the IRS before they are found).

In an environment where legislation has been enacted that gives the US authorities unprecedented reach beyond their own borders and with a recent history of disclosure programs offered by the IRS, non-compliant taxpayers should be giving very serious consideration to getting back into the US tax system.

The Streamline Compliance Procedures provide an excellent opportunity for taxpayers whose failure to report foreign income and assets was the result of 'non-wilful' behaviour. It is also possible to to file late tax returns outside of the programs because either you do not meet the criteria to enter into them, they are not appropriate to your circumstances.

We are able to help advise non-compliant US taxpayers on voluntary disclosure and the options available to them in achieving the goal of getting (back) into the system.