Customs & Excise Duty

The various customs and excise duty regimes can be among the most challenging aspects of importing and exporting to ‘get right’ for clients to ensure their compliance. However, the penalties can be the most severe. Our customs team has expertise in advising on the numerous regimes and reliefs and mitigating any potential problems.

Customs and excise duty regulations are among the most severe and complex in the UK. It is vital that businesses and individuals ensure their compliance to minimise any adverse financial and reputational impact. We provide realistic, innovative and accurate expert advice on complex new and existing customs and excise duty regimes for individuals and businesses.

Our services include:
  • Advice on import and export procedures
  • Advice on customs valuation methods
  • Inward and outward processing reliefs and General System of Preference (GSP)
  • Authorised Economic Operator status (AEO)
  • Customs tariff advice and guidance
  • Excise and customs warehousing and bonded warehouse applications, approvals, registration and continued compliance within the regimes and their regulations
  • Holding, movement and duty point regulations on goods liable to excise duties including tobacco
  • Registration assistance and ‘Fit & Proper’ tests for AWRS
  • Advice to wine, beer and cider producers
  • Investigations and dispute resolution involving HMRC and UKBF

With business uncertainty over the UK's departure from the EU, expert and timely advice on customs duty and trade issues has never been more important. We can advise and guide you on the impact of the potential changes affecting your business regarding possible future strategic options and their impact, such as access to the single market, a free trade area, customs unions, and new and emerging markets.

Not only can we advise on potential solutions and add real value to the decision-making process surrounding the varied customs regimes available to traders, but also we robustly represent any individual or business that finds themselves in dispute with customs and revenue organisations - both in the UK and overseas.