We share a common interest in making sure your financial statements are correct.

This common interest requires a robust audit that understands your business, its processes and controls, and is focused on identifying and addressing all key risks that could have a material impact on your financial statements.

A robust audit requires an experienced team. Our two-partner approach ensures you will receive an independent and value-adding service whilst at the same time benefiting from the strong relationships which have been created between us at senior level. In a complex and evolving regulatory environment, this allows us to bring commercial insight to the relationship to help you manage compliance and risk.

Regular and timely communication with you throughout the audit ensures potential issues are communicated early so that pragmatic solutions can be found well ahead of finalisation. We recognise the different governance structures that exist across organisations varying in size and we tailor our approach to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are engaged at the appropriate time.

We don’t work in silos. Our tax specialists are an embedded part of our audit team, and whilst independent of the audit, they develop sufficient knowledge of your business to assist with tax compliance or further advice. We can support the shareholders on wider commercial issues, being able to provide greater insight that channels the resources and wealth of experience held across the firm as a whole.

We act for a significant number of large, complex international groups in our capacity as both principal and subsidiary auditor. We are therefore very experienced a delivering group audits and dealing with the cross-border audit, accounting and tax issues which arise.