We have a wealth of experience in delivering tailored engagements to help you meet your contractual obligations where independent assurance is a pre-requisite.

Many commercial agreements require the involvement of an independent accountant or auditor to provide certification of financial or non-financial information.
Assurance review engagements can provide an alternative to audit where some assurance is required due to the segregation of business ownership from the appointed management team. Our engagements involve a review of the financial statements analysing changes from the prior year and making enquiries. This may be supplemented with some detailed testing where necessary. The objective is to express a conclusion whether, on the basis of the review, anything has come to the our attention that causes us to believe the financial information is not prepared, in all material respects, in accordance with an applicable financial reporting framework

We can provide assurance over areas including:
  • Rental agreements for commercial property where rents payable are based on turnover generated from the incumbent business;
  • Licenses for the right to use intellectual property such as brand names or trademarks, where licensing fees are based on revenue generated from sales of products;
  • Grant funding agreements where receipt of grant funding is contingent upon meeting targets for employment or incurring relevant expenditure; and
  • Loan financing agreements containing covenant testing requirements.

We assist our clients in fulfilling their obligations under these and other agreements, tailoring the services to each individual client to meet your needs.