Accounting advisory and financial reporting

With the expertise of our partners and staff, access to the latest accounting thinking and robust quality control processes, we are able to provide clients with a range of services from advice on the accounting treatment of particular transactions to the preparation of financial statements.

Accounting advisory services
Whilst accounting treatment should never drive commercial decisions, it is important to be aware of the accounting and taxation implications of any non-routine transactions, as well as the commercial impact. Whether you are contemplating purchasing a business, establishing an employee incentive arrangement, entering into new leasing agreements or undertaking a group reorganisation, we are able to help you understand the commercial and tax implications of the proposed transaction as well as how it may be reflected in your financial statements.

Financial reporting services
Financial reporting is becoming increasing complex with the recent overhaul of UK GAAP and frequent changes to company law, other relevant regulations and industry best practice. Preparing financial statements that keep pace with these changes can become an onerous task.

We are able to produce statutory financial statements and can also support you in responding to queries raised by other auditors on the preparation of financial statements.  

Financial statements can be prepared in accordance with FRS 101, FRS 102, or IFRSs (as endorsed by the EU) for single entities or consolidated groups. We are able to prepare financial statements for LLPs, partnerships, sole traders, trusts, charities, and academies or where financial statements are required to be prepared under other predetermined bases.

Our extensive experience of GAAP conversions allow us to support you in transitioning to FRS 101, FRS 102, and IFRS.

We are also able to independently review financial statements prepared in-house for technical compliance with the accounting standards and company law and can help plan for forthcoming changes.