PAYE, NIC and tax reporting is becoming ever more complex and demanding. In this paper, we draw on research across leading organisations of all sizes to understand these challenges and how HR are dealing with them.

Working with HR teams across all industries, we know that people tax is becoming an increasingly difficult area. HR are faced with a multitude of compliance related challenges involving Brexit, expatriates, non-resident directors, pensions, share schemes, benefits provision and more.
Our study draws on research across HR teams in leading organisations, as well as our own extensive experience of supporting HR. We explore the causes of non-compliance and also provide some ideas and solutions too.
Our paper should help inform HR on the key issues, the views of HR teams in other organisations and information on what can be done to manage these areas more effectively.

Download People Tax: Managing the growing demands on HR today to read more about:

  • The people tax landscape
  • What causes compliance failure?
  • How can non-compliance impact your organisation?
  • Managing the growing demands on HR – some solutions

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