Blick Rothenberg

Business Group Manager

This role has overall responsibility for managing resources to provide excellent client service delivery during planning and completion of audits.

Job title: Business Group Manager

Reports to: Business Group Partners

Portfolio management
  • Plan, control and review client work to ensure that the jobs are completed as efficiently and effectively as possible by allocating the resources available
  • Prepare fee schedules and bill for review and approval, explaining any extra charges and also identifying and explaining any write-offs or profits
  • Prepare a time budget for each assignment. Ensure where possible that this is set at a level to enable the office to make money on the job, taking into account the level of the fees and other non audit work to be included within that fee
  • Ensure a detailed audit or accounts planning memorandum is completed by the senior, with the information they will need to approach the audit work in the most efficient manner.  This will include details of any potential anomalies or any difficulties that have been encountered during previous audits
  • Provision of general business advice to clients
  • Brief audit or accounts staff on the client and the nature of its business, ensuring that the most cost effective approach to the job is clearly communicated. Carry out debrief and provide feedback at end of assignments
  • Review all work received as soon as possible, ensuring that any issues arising are referred back to the audit staff for completion before any outstanding issues are escalated to partner level
  • Ensure that files are complete and that audit or accounts work takes into account the balance between cost and benefit
  • Hold pre-audit meetings with clients where appropriate, to establish the events that have had an impact on the business and any areas needing particular attention
  • Monitor work in progress on all jobs within the portfolio, communicating any potential problems and write-offs to partner level on a timely basis
  • Ensure all hours worked on any client are recorded correctly, enabling a true reflection of the profitability of the job to be shown
  • Draft all management letters, finalising of accounts, letters of engagement etc.
  • Attend client meetings and prospective client meetings

Staff management
  • Ensure, as far as possible, that trainees are allocated a variety of jobs in order to provide a broad range of training and maximise their experience
  • Complete six-monthly appraisals and sign off training records (TA1) for all allocated members of staff ensuring that these are completed in April and October to enable staff to be developed and in turn enhance their effectiveness
  • Complete staff review forms after the end of each job identifying any areas needing further development and giving feedback to ensure improved future performance
  • Deal with day-to-day staff issues which may include holidays, courses, conflicts, quality of work, motivation, monitoring chargeable and non chargeable hours
  • Specific office responsibilities e.g. technical contact, specific technical area expert, office accounts, client bank accounts, IT contact, marketing committee, client care committee, maintenance of the office work planner

Business advisory/ad hoc work
  • Identify opportunities for additional services that the company can provide to clients
  • Identify and target new clients through networking, marketing and client referrals
  • Ad hoc project work which may include compliance or value added services
  • Be proactive in involving other experts, i.e. tax, where relevant

  • Ensure that partners are made aware of how jobs are progressing, keeping them informed on client matters, proposed strategies on dealing with clients, signing off jobs and discussing what to bill clients
  • Ensure that other managers are made aware of office resources such as allocation of work, staff and computers; sharing technical problems and solutions
  • Provide technical advice to audit staff, ensuring that briefing takes place for all jobs; discussing planning, how the job is going, what is expected of them and any review points that arise

Problems and issues
  • Time management - meeting tight deadlines and keeping on top of job progression
  • Day-to-day people management – ensure all resources are utilised, maintaining the right number of staff, at the right level and quality for a job, ensuring quality and completeness of work
  • Monitoring chargeable time and progress on a job
  • Keeping staff motivated
  • Resolving billing issues and other problems

Decision making
  • Deciding which staff and at what level should be allocated to an assignment
  • Setting the budget for individual jobs
  • Once the job has been completed, deciding what to bill above the original quote and what to write off
  • Decisions on the treatment of technical issues
  • Making decisions on when to escalate to Partner level.
  • Whether to remain on-site if the client is not ready

  • Audit or accounts staff - detailed planning and the completion of the file, client correspondence, input on resourcing requirements
  • Admin staff – typing letters, accounts, bills, reports, updating database, mail-shots 

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