Blick Rothenberg has engaged Exeter Business School, a leading centre of international business education and research, to conduct a joint study into the global taxation of 'internationally mobile executives'.

The global workforce is transforming, with a huge increase in demand for internationally mobile employees, and with explosive growth in emerging markets; the number of countries that employees are being sent to rapidly expanding. This international study focuses on directors, executives and employees who work for multinational entities.

Highlights from the study include:
  • Data and critical analysis to help 'internationally mobile executives' and their employers benchmark and understand the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ locations from a tax, social security, payroll and pension perspective;
  • Survey data and interviews with international tax specialists;
  • Summary data for 20 key locations to allow comparisons and provide relevant overviews;
  • Recommendations to encourage governments to use tax policy as a critical tool to make it easier and less complex for internationally mobile executives to work across borders.

We hope you find this study both interesting and informative.

Please click here to view the study.