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  • Why should I become an accountant?


    'No two days are the same,' says Blick Rothenberg partner Bobby Lane, 'and you never know what you are going to be working on.'

    Joe Longstaff, trainee chartered accountant at Blick Rothenberg, said ‘This is a great foundation to train an individual for the future, opening up all sorts of opportunities and all sorts of jobs – whether staying in [an accountancy firm] or taking a role in industry.’

    Abdul Vardalia, trainee chartered accountant at Blick Rothenberg, said ‘You need confidence in your ability to apply your theoretical knowledge to real life situations, and the ability to adapt to different situations that you may be faced with.’

    Source: Inside Job
  • Offshore or onshore?


    Gary Gardener, partner at Blick Rothenberg, said, ‘The Finance Act 2017 introduced the ‘requirement to correct’ (“RTC”). The new rules are designed  to exhort taxpayers with offshore interests to review their UK tax affairs and to ‘correct’ past errors and omissions, whether this is in relation to an incorrect tax return or a failure to notify chargeability.’

    Frank Nash, partner at Blick Rothenberg, said, ‘Holding real estate interests in a foreign entity will lead to greater scrutiny. This does not mean foreign holding entities are unsuitable, for the reason explained at the beginning. However, the government is clearly trying to persuade those looking to invest particularly in UK property to do so either in their personal capacity of through a UK corporate.’

    Source: Estates Gazette
  • Corporate tax and the digital economy


    Heather Self, partner at Blick Rothenberg said, ‘None of these approaches is likely to be simple, and a key risk will be that as soon as a definition is agreed, business models will change so that new businesses will no longer be within scope. The sheer speed of development in these areas makes it unlikely that a stable tax base could be identified. Whichever approach is used, there is likely to be a high de minimis threshold, in order to protect start-ups and smaller businesses.’

    Source: Tax Journal
  • Brexit pushes German companies to set up UK subsidiaries


    ‘No one is stopping business in the UK,’ said Alexander Altmann, partner at Blick Rothenberg. ‘The question is how to mitigate the risks [of Brexit], and one way to do this is to set up a local subsidiary.’

    Source: Financial Times
  • Government proposes changes to entrepreneurs tax relief


    Nimesh Shah, partner at accountancy firm Blick Rothenberg said, 'The proposal is greatly welcomed and looks to protect the interests of entrepreneurs and founders of businesses, and further enhances this valuable relief in the UK's personal tax regime.'

    Source: FT Adviser
  • The Today programme


    Heather Self, tax partner at Blick Rothenberg said, 'You would require either the card issuer or the payment processing company to split the amount they receive from the customer so if they get £120 from the customer, they send £20 straight to HMRC, and the rest to the seller.'

    Heather added, 'an interim solution would be to tax on the basis of revenues, so how much turnover is being generated. That gets even more tricky because you can of course have turnover without having profits. The UK wants a slice of the pie, but can’t work out how to calculate it.'

    Source: BBC Radio 4
  • Relief for entrepreneurs who focus on expansion


    Nimesh Shah, of Blick Rothenberg, said the proposal was 'greatly welcomed'.

    Source: The Times
  • Spring Statement 2018: London to receive £1.67bn boost for affordable homes


    Blick Rothenberg partner, Nimesh Shah, said, 'Based on the Chancellor’s claim that 60,000 people have benefited, it means the relief has cost the Treasury up to £300m in just under four months. At that rate, it will cost the Treasury close to £1bn in the first year.'

    Source: Financial Times
  • UK government stakes out new position on taxation of digital economy


    Heather Self, partner at Blick Rothenberg said, 'The UK government today published an updated position paper in relation to corporate tax and the digital economy as a part of Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Spring Statement. The paper does not set out any conclusions, or a clear way forward, but builds on a previous paper from November 2017.'

    Source: MNE Tax
  • Spring Statement: plan post-Brexit tax system


    Nilesh Shah, CEO of Blick Rothenberg agrees that the government, 'needs to make some tough but quick decisions around Brexit and start focusing on what the economy needs for the new environment it finds itself in.'

    Source: Economia
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